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Share Education

If you are passionate about teaching under privileged kids but haven't got a chance so far, here is your opportunity. Join us and we will tell how and where you can share 60 minutes to teach such children who cannot afford quality education. The tasks will be assigned to you based on your availability and keeping in mind the interest of the children. The education can be activity based leaning which is not available in traditional classrooms. There will be lot of exciting learnng during share60minutes

Free tuition centers

If you are good in certain subject you can share60minutes to teach the slum children after school hours to provide them quality education by imparting activity based learning.

Share life Skills

If you are good in life skills and want to share your experience with the children. Share 60 minutes gives you an opportunity to share this with children of government school or low income schools.

Share Food

If you have surplus food , we ask you to share it with the people who may need it. We never ask you to donate, because It gives an impression that you're so superior that you have sacrificed your own interest and joy serving the poor - You are simply humiliating them. If you have something, something that gives you joy peace, ecstasy, *Share it*.

Share food in Schools

If you have surplus food and love children. Here is an opportunity, Share food with the government school or low income school children. Share60minutes application will give you a task to accomplish to share food with such children.

Share food with elderly people

This is an opportunity to share with elderly people staying in old age home to spend time with you.Share 60 minutes and give them time to celebrate. To feel the joy of sharing, to let them acknowledge their bigness. You can celebrate death anniversary of your parents or such occasions.

Share food with specially abled

If you want to share 60 minutes with specially abled people, here is an opportunity to do somethig about your interest Come forward and utilize your time to make a difference.

Share Accessories

Look around yourself how much over occupied you are with stuffs around you. You no more require that old leather belt, those books of secondary class, that 5 year old wrist watch that you haven’t wore since your last birthday. Those clothes piled up in your trunks and mice are enjoying tearing them off. Why have you kept them/ just for no reason. Share you accessories and take out 60 minutes on a holiday to collect them all and decide to distribute them amongst the needy. Sharing give you ultimate pleasure you just need to feel it and see how much fulfilled you would be..

Share Clothes

On a holiday, take out 60 minutes to collect them all and distribute them amongst the needy. Sharing gives you immense pleasure just need to take action and see how much fulfilled you would be. .

Share your Talent

If you think you are good at something and you can train someone else in the same. Here is the deal, share 60 minutes train them so that what you take as passion may become livelihood option for someone else. Share your talent and make a difference in the lives of the people.